KAPS Conference 2016 Handouts

Wednesday, October 5

School Psychologists: Leading Efforts to Promote Positive School Climates (T. Savage)

Advisory: Building Social and Emotional Success in Students (J. Williams)

Play Therapy for Students on the Autism Spectrum (C. Smith et al)

The cornerstone of identifying needs and supports: Adaptive behavior assessment (D. Proost)

KY Medicaid Waiver Programs (J. Beaty)

Mini-Sessions: Using KAPS grant opportunities (Gilbert), KY Strengthening Families (Haydon)

School Psychs: Advancing Comprehensive School Mental & Behavioral Health Services (B. Barbarasch)

Threat Assessment and Crisis Prevention: An Evidence-Based Approach (A. Liechty)

Effective Trauma Informed Practice in Schools (B. Opell et al)

Thursday, October 6

Instructional Approach to Challenging Behavior in Student with ASD/MSD (R. Pennington)

The Parameters of Embodied Cognition: Emotions & the Brain (E. Fletcher-Janzen)

Cognitive Behavioral Intervention in the Educational Setting (M. Antle)

Understanding and Supporting Gender Diversity in Schools (T. Savage)

Pick Elaine's Brain (E. Fletcher-Janzen)

Teaching Written Expression to Students with ASD/Intellectual Disability (R. Pennington)

Missouri Adaptive Behavior Inventory Norming (M. Dunham)

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly about Guns in Schools (Rockwell et al)

Building Skills through Social Academic Instructional Groups (SAIG) (D. Koonce)

Ethical Assessment and Practice (Farmer et al)

Neuropsychological Perspectives on Childhood Trauma (E. Fletcher-Janzen)

How School Psychologists Can Become Registered Play Therapists (Vessels et al)

Use of the Woodcock Johnson IV in Diagnosing Dyslexia (M. Camp)

Friday, October 6

Counseling Teens Using a Holistic Plan (T. Kendall)

PREPaRE School Safety and Crisis Prevention, Preparedness, and Intervention Update (T. Savage)

School Climate Awakens: Focus on Relationships and Expectations and Improve Student (Baker et al)

Special Needs Financial Planning (T. Metcalf)

The Parameters of Embodied Cognition: Emotions & the Brain (E. Fletcher-Janzen)

Mindfulness & Positive Youth Development (R. Alleva)

Moving School Counselors Toward Leadership: Advocating for Students... Trans (J. Jacobs)

State of School Psychology in Kentucky – 2015 (D. Florell et al)