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Assessment Resources
Support your fellow psychologist by sharing assessment resources that you have found useful.
Please forward these resources to dan.florell@eku.edu.

Kentucky Administrative Regulations: Special Education Programs - This site includes documents explaining the Kentucky regulations regarding special education services and other useful special education documents.

KDE Division of Exceptional Children Services Reference Tables
- relative to the reference tables for identifying students with a Specific Learning Disability - Three new files have been added:

1. WISC - IV Compared to the KTEA II;
2. Calculation of the General Ability Index (GAI); and
3. Tests Recommended for Deletion
4. Stanford Binet 5 (Full, Verbal and Nonverbal Scales) compared to the WIAT II and K-TEA II

Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy (DIBELS) - site with all of the DIBELS materials and research.

WISC-IV Report on the General Ability Index (GAI) - This site reports on how to obtain a General Ability Index (GAI) score from the WISC-IV. The GAI is made of 3 verbal and 3 performance subtests excluding working memory and processing speed subtests.

Assessment & Evaluation on the Internet -This website provides a list of Alternative assessment resources.

Harcourt Assessment Glossary -A glossary of assessment terminology.





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