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Behavioral Intervention Resources
Support your fellow psychologist by sharing behavioral intervention resources that you have found useful.
Please forward these resources to dan.florell@eku.edu.

Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) - presented by the US Office of Special Education Programs

SAMSHA School Materials for a Mental Health Friendly Classroom - Training Package for Secondary Education

UCLA School Mental Health Project - Clearinghouse for a range of child mental health related handouts and programs.

Safe and Civil Schools - website devoted to help educators create positive and proactive behavior management techniques that are tailored to each classroom, school, and district.

Violence web resources - A list of Violence informative websites and organizations.

NASP Crisis Resources - Resources related to school safety and violence prevention, including topics such as school violence prevention efforts, threat assessment, responsible media coverage of school violence, and a new handout for administrators on reinforcing school safety

Addressing Student Behavior - The Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice (CECP) created this document to introduce functional behavioral assessment and behavior intervention planning for IEP Teams.

You Can Handle Them All - This site has a user-friendly program to identify behaviors, causes, effects, and common mistakes in dealing with a child's misbehavior at home and school.

ADHD web resources - This website identifies a list of Attention Deficit Disorder online resources.

Behavior resources -This website identifies a list of Behavior and Conduct Disorder informative resources.

Eating Disorders -This website identifies a list of eating disorder informative resources.

Anxiety Disorders - List of anxiety disorder resources.

Child Behavior Toolbox - A software database of behavioral interventions for children through age 12






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