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Kentucky Disability Resource Manual
Created by the Interdisciplinary Human Development Institute


As any school psychologists knows, the students we serve are dealing with more than educational issues that may be causing a lack of success in the classroom and in life. For individuals with disabilities there are many barriers that prevent them from being successful in our schools and communities. Therefore, as school psychologists, we must help our students and their families find success in the school as well as the community. This success could help a student have a more fulfilling and successful life during and post-graduation.

In reaching for this success, we will often have to connect our students and their families with community resources that can assist beyond the school districts ability. The Interdisciplinary Human Development Institute has created the Kentucky Disability Resource Manual to help. This manual was designed primarily for use by individuals with developmental disabilities and related conditions, but is useful for any student who has a lifelong disability. The manual is user-friendly and has a comprehensive list of community resources and agencies that can assist any student or family who has needs beyond the educational setting.

The main focus of this manual is to provide easy-to-read information concerning available resources, and to provide immediate contact information for the purpose of applying for resources and/or locating additional information.

To view the IHDI Kentucky Disability Resource Manual Click Below:






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