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The KAPS listserv provides professionals across the state with a plethora of information and announcements pertaining to the practice of school psychology in Kentucky.


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The Kentucky Association for Psychology in the Schools developed the KAPS listserv to allow professionals from across the state to connect and share information pertinent to school psychology. This listserv allows school psychologists and other professionals to consult with each other on appropriate actions, ethical dilemma, useful resources, pertinent events, upcoming school psychologist positions, and much more. The listserv also acts as a means of distributing association announcements and information to KAPS' many members. The listserv is not restricted to KAPS members or even school psychologists. This listserv is useful for anyone interested in the practice of school psychology, including administrators, special ed directors, educators, psychologists, diagnosticians, elected officials, behavior specialists, etc.

If you are interested in signing up for the KAPS listserv please click the link below. This will bring you to the University of Kentucky Listserv database for the state of Kentucky. Please fill in your name and e-mail address in the slots provided and scroll down and click the KAPS icon. You should then receive a message in your inbox that you have been successfully signed up for the KAPS listserv.







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