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This page is in honor and recognition of the great work of our past presidents of KAPS.

2015-2016     Deana Lucas Caldwell
Convention Theme:

2014-2015     Paul Baker
Convention Theme:

2013-2014     TBA
Convention Theme:

2012-2013     Bethanie Brogli Opell
Convention Theme: "Healthy Minds Healthy Schools "

2012-2013     Beth Edmonson
Convention Theme: "Thinking Outside of the Bag "

2011-2012     Misty Lay
Convention Theme: "Keeping Psychology in School Psychology "

2010-2011     Diane Herrick
Convention Theme: "Communication is the Key "

2009-2010     Misty Lay
Convention Theme: "Making Connections"

2008-2009     Kristen Kyriacou
Convention Theme: "Respond"

2007-2008     Misty Lay
Convention Theme: "30 Years in History: Influencing Progress for the Future"

2006-2007     Mary Twohig
Convention Theme: "Using Our Past and Present to Define Our Future "

2005-2006     Dan Florell
Convention Theme: "The Complete School Psychologist"

2004-2005    Michelle Gadberry
Convention Theme: "Putting Kids First!"


2003-2004    Diann Shuffett
Convention Theme: "Breaking Down the Barriers"

2002-2003    Angie Chandler

2001-2002     Carl Meyers

2000-2001    Sharla Fasko

1999-2000    Ray Roth

1998-1999    Mike Norris

1997-1998    Alan Lynn Mullins

1996-1997    Susan Burgan

1995-1996    Jennie S. Ewald

1994-1995    Jennifer Elam

1993-1994    Sharon Kieta

1992-1993    Mike Kieta

1991-1992    William Pfohl

1990-1991    Pat McGinty

1989-1990    Bob Kruger

1988-1989    Jim Batts

1987-1988    Cookie Cahill Flower

1986-1987    Ronda Talley

1984-1986    Robert Illback

1982-1984    Joseph Zins

1980-1982    Stephen Demers

1978-1980    Diana S. Trenary







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