KAPS Constitution

Article I: Name, Vision, Mission, & Core Values
Article II: Membership
Article III: Executive Council
Article IV: Officers
Article V: Regional Representatives
Article VI: Committees, Task Forces, & Work Groups
Article VII: Liaisons & Other Appointed Positions
Article VIII: Meetings
Article IX: Parliamentary Authority
Article X: Voting
Article XI: Code of Ethics
Article XII: Association Procedures
Article XIII: Amendment Procedures

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KAPS Operations Manual

Chapter I. Purposes
Chapter II. Executive Council
Chapter III. Finances
Chapter IV. Regions
Chapter V. Standing Committees
Chapter VI. Liaisons and Other Appointed Positions
Chapter VII. Elections
Chapter VIII. Awards
Chapter IX. Scholarships and Grants
Chapter X. Stipends
Chapter XI. Business Meetings
Chapter XII. Use of Letterhead
Chapter XIII. Media Requests

KAPS Archived Documents

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KAPS Annual Reports