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The Kentucky Association for Psychology in the Schools is the professional association for school psychologists in Kentucky. We are affiliated with the National Association of School Psychologists, Kentucky Psychological Association, Kentucky Association of School Administrators, and Kentucky Center for School Safety. Your membership helps us keep school psychologists’ needs in the limelight at Capital Hill and in the classroom.

Benefits of KAPS Membership

Just some of the benefits of your membership include:

  • A government/political relations advocate for school psychology;
  • A professional listserv for Kentucky school psychologists;
  • A professional website with up-to-date information on trainings, current issues, and resources;
  • A professional state conference with discounted rates for members;
  • An official KAPS school psychologist directory;
  • Regional KAPS trainings and events;
  • Ethical advisement through the KAPS ethics chair; and
  • KAPS representatives in various organizations advocating for school psychology inclusion and consideration in state programs and initiatives.

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KAPS Membership Levels

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Associate Member (Non-school psychologist)

First Year Professional (Professionals in their 1st year of practicing as a School Psychologist after internship year.)

Regular Member (Actively working as a school psychologist or university trainer.)

Retired Member (Retired school psychologist or related professional.)

Student Member (Undergraduate, graduate or interning student.)

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$18.75 (USD)

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